About Jeff

Since first watching glassblowers during a family trip to Mexico in the seventies, Jeff has been mesmerized by the art of glassblowing.


His admiration simmered for decades until he took his first step in 2004. He enrolled in lessons at Capilano University’s Continuing Education with Joe Blow Glassworks, and he has been glassblowing ever since. He continued with lessons from Jeff Burnette at Joe Blow Glassworks and summer courses at the Red Deer College in Alberta where he learned from a range of experienced glass artists.


In 2012 Terminal City Glass Cooperative was formed in Vancouver. Jeff is proud to be one of the first members and to have participated in the building of the studio. He has continued his education through workshops that the Co-op offers and has been fortunate to work at the studio on a regular basis.


The versatility of glass as a medium is one of the many things that Jeff finds inspirational. As someone once told him “you can make glass look like anything but you can't make anything look like glass”.


Jeff draws much of his inspiration from travel, absorbing the varying shapes, forms and colours and interpreting these elements in his works. A particular focus has been the cultural and historical context of cooking and drinking vessels, and their utilitarian as well as decorative functions. He has taken the opportunity to glass blow in studios in both Oaxaca and Maui.


What started as a hobby is now an immersive craft for Jeff. Born and raised in East Vancouver, Jeff launched East Van Hot Glass in Spring 2018 and he is excited to continue both his own artistic journey and the experience of collaborating with others to create beautiful things.